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is a romantic, beautiful student living with her father in Forks, born September 13. She is five 5'4" tall but not muscular. She like to sit home and read, in part because she is extraordinarily clumsy.

is educated 6'2" engineer who design bridges. He comes from Texas from a medical family, born in friday 13th. He livedin Tokyo for two years. Michael loves Elizabeth, children and kitting.

Our story

Michael and Elisabeth met when Elisabeth moved from Arizona to Seattle with her mother. She began attending a new school. Michael and Elisabeth first meet in biology class. He has her for a partner, and they sat at the same table.
However, Elisabeth had already heard about Michael and his family the first day of school, at lunch, when she asked her friend Jessica.
Af first Michael kept ignoring her because the smell of her blood was too tempting to resist it, which could result in Edward attacking Elisabeth and sucking her blood.
So, he changed his classes so that he could avoid Elisabeth as much as possible. Days after that, he made small talk with her, and the attraction was instant.


The pair of Gemini and Libra is rather a lively combination in which communication doesn’t just flows, it bounces and leaps. However, Libra focuses on the excitement of togetherness, while Gemini is not so specific in the needs for stimuli. Nevertheless, this relationship can contain markedly less of the jealousy and disputes.

A Gemini man is a wanderer of sorts, charming the ladies on his journey, weaving his way in and out of things whether it is in his career, socially with friends or in romance. His charm and silver tongue gets him out of almost any situation Michael doesn’t want to be caught in, even making it seem as though it is other’s fault. Make a Gemini man angry and his language becomes harsh and sharp, but it is very temporary. Long term is not in Gemini man’s terminology. In a love association a Gemini man seeks more fun than stability. Michael loves his individuality and respect the independence of his lady as well.

A Libra woman is a sweet, charming and pleasant lady masked with a smooth style that enables her to pounce when her predator gets close. Resistance is futile against her clever and indisputable logic. Often a Libra woman does almost anything to get her way. Elizabeth uses her feminine antics and even stoops to a helpless nature if need be. A Libra woman hardly ever goes for a man who is intellectually beneath her. For her, all is fair in love and war. Being in a relationship makes a Libra woman a very devoted and helping partner in all walks of life.

A good relationship between Gemini man and Libra woman will be filled with romance, travel, music, flowers, children and love. Michael and Elizabeth are quite the compatible couple in more ways than not. There is a tremendous amount of respect from one to the other in their thoughts, their privacy and their individual freedom. A Libra woman is just so very much appealing to him when Elizabeth helplessly convinces him that it was his idea to finally settle down with her and create a future that is more stable. Elizabeth provides her Gemini man with a strong support and gets her way any how. Michael can always count on his Libra woman. Elizabeth creates a balance in her Gemini man’s life and makes his life more organized than Michael ever had.

Gemini man is quite irresistible to Libra woman when his charm flows over in convincing her to leave her stable life to fly with him into a future of uncertainty. Michael can temporarily lose his cool, but eventually sees into what his Libra woman is doing and turns things back around to his benefit. Libra woman acts hurt and astounded at her Gemini man’s antics but no one can truly trick a Gemini man. Michael is far too witty and intellectual for that. Libra woman has a difficult time in deciding on a true love and is, more than likely to rush into a marriage or long term relationship with her Gemini man before Elizabeth has realized the futuristic consequences of such a big step.

The graciously harmonious relationship of Michael and Libra woman is smooth sailing unison on sparkling water that is so flowery and exciting that it can puzzle the others and sometimes them too. Michael and Elizabeth both know where to being but to stop is a real mystery for them. As the light of love dances in their eyes and they look over each other’s flaws to melt in essence of romance, they create a magical world of their own where happiness is reflected through Gemini man’s eyes and Libra woman’s charming smile. Michael and Elizabeth are way too generous to take care of each other and bring some lovely changes to make the life more worthwhile. As the music flows through the air with mild fragrance, Michael and Libra woman blend all of them beautifully to bind for ever and make an eternal relationship with joy and peace hovering around!

Being on a more romantic level than a physical one, the sexual relationship of Gemini man and Libra woman is more peaceful in nature. Though a lot of passion is not involved, but the haunting relationship between the two is enough to keep both of them fulfilled and happy. When engaging in each other on a sexual level, there is always some of aloof romance between Elizabeth and Gemini man. The bond they have is of an emotionally romantic interlude filled with beauty that saturates their intimacy. The art of love making between Gemini man and Libra woman is one that is taken carefully, indulging in the exquisite nature of each other, refining the art of it all and keeping it delicate and beautiful. There is no room for erotic appetites or vulgar moves in their sexual intimacy. This may be, if any, where the voluptuous Libra woman could get a bit offended. Although Gemini man feels the same as Libra woman in the state of sexual bonds, his desire for a bit more variety may cause problems in the relationship.

Libra woman is more intrigued in attracting her Gemini man in the beginning of their relationship and twisting him into a temperament that makes him angry and argumentative later on. Elizabeth takes pleasure in taking his witty conversation and turning them around to use them against him. In their financial equation, Gemini man and Libra woman tend to have similarities as well as differences in how they feel about their money. Although it isn’t the main importance in either of their lives, Gemini man goes spending it as fast as Michael can make it. His thought is that money is only important when you don’t have any. For Libra woman, money is important to keep up on her lavish lifestyle Elizabeth likes to partake in. But that is pretty much the extent of it. This relationship is not one to be taken lightly and should be thought through thoroughly but with the mindset of Libra woman and Gemini man, this is more than likely not happen.

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Date 2006-03-09
Kiss 2006-03-20
Lovemaking 2006-04-06
Vacation 2006-07-12
1 year 2007-03-22
5 years 2011-03-22
Mali 2007-09-06
London 2008-07-06
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